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Dead Horse Chestnut Tree Removal

Dead Horse Chestnut Tree Removal

  Every now and again I get asked to remove a very large tree, and I have good look and conduct a brief survey during the quote because once the quotes gone that’s it the price is fixed. 

Dead Horse Chestnut

So it was with some concern that I started climbing a large dead horse chestnut that belonged to Lydney Park Estate.  The job started with a bang quite literally by cutting and allowing a 40 foot branch (over 2 foot thick at the cut) drop straight into the farm yard as planned.  It’s not often that the first cut of the day is so big!  It wasn’t long until the farm yard was full of timber despite the chipper going almost constantly. 

Fortunately, as arranged Lydney Park’s forestry team arrived with a tractor and timber trailer to help with the clear up.  We also used the timber trailer’s grab to hold branches while I cut them so they could be moved away from barns in a controlled manner.  After a lot of hard work from all 5 on site there were 3 large stems remaining.  At this point the Park’s Head forester arrived with a tractor and winch to pull the final branches into our designated drop zone, avoiding any damage to barn below. 

Tractor and timber trailer assisting

By the time is was dark a huge dead tree was in a safe state, left as a monolith for wildlife habit, and all the smaller branches had been chipped leaving a few loads of timber to be removed by the timber tractor the next day and a bit of racking up.  A large and dangerous job, well planned and executed smoothly with a sensible use of machinery good team work.  Thanks guys, I’m glad we only had a small ash tree booked in the next day!


Monolith to be retained - Job done!