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Mak Harris Tree SurgeonMark Harris the Company owner and lead climber, lives in Woolaston with his wife, Georgina and two sons, where his family can be traced back for generations.  He is a retired soldier having left that Army as a Major in the Infantry after 17 years service throughout the world most recently in Afghanistan where he was commended for leadership and bravery.

mark in afghanistanHaving had an interest in trees, their maintenance and associated wildlife for many years, he qualified as a tree surgeon over 5 years ago and spent most of his holidays and weekends working as a tree climber.  Mark runs the company to ensure that punctuality, reliability, efficiency and only the highest quality of work will be accepted while maintaining a friendly and light hearted team.  He has a passion for trees and thoroughly enjoys his work and the challenges it presents, both physically and intellectually.


Forest of Dean