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Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Laying, Planting and cutting

During the hedge laying season (September-April) we can clean and lay hedges in gardens and fields.  Combining traditional techniques with modern technology we can either lay new hedges or re-lay old hedges, to provide you with a stock proof barrier that will last much longer than a fence.  Not only do hedges provide a long term boundary, they also provide habitat and movement corridors for wildlife.

Regardless of the size or type of hedge, we can cut it to maintain its’ shape and size.  Leaving your garden tidy and in good order, we will also remove all the waste.

Hedge Reduction

hedge reduction

Hedges can quickly get out of hand and become too tall, blocking sunlight.  We can reduce the height of hedges without causing the hedge to die back, allowing more light into your garden with no effort on your part.

Hedge Planting

Whether you require a new hedge planted in your garden or field or just need a gap filled, we can supply and maintain hedges.  During the quote we can offer you advice about different species and their growth rates and maintenance requirements.


Photos from TrunkArb Tree Surgery's post

Tree safety work in Lydney Park. Fantastic place to work again

18 likes, 0 comments5 days ago

Photos from TrunkArb Tree Surgery's post

Well I think these great pictures speak for themselves much more light and a bit more space to boot! No nests, feathered furred or other… 🦉🦔🦄

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Enjoying some breeze.

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Photos from TrunkArb Tree Surgery's post

Needed to protect the stone wall. So either climb and dismantle or engineer some protection! Wall all safe and an easy fell #worksmart.

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Photos from TrunkArb Tree Surgery's post

Using the winch to save some work in todays’ heat. good day today and some hard work with no shade. Well done Jamie and Chris.

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