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Why should I use TrunkArb Tree Surgery?
TrunkArb Tree Surgery are experts in what we do and will ensure that our qualifications and insurance certificate are available for viewing during the quote meeting. We will offer advice and quotes for free and are happy to recommend that work need not be done. We take safety seriously and do what we can to minimise the risk to people and property, we will ensure that your garden is left clean and tidy.
How can tree stumps be removed?
Tree stumps can be removed in a number of ways, from digging them out by hand or with a digger; this removes most of the larger roots and can cause significant mess. Although a winch may also be used to assist this can be a difficult and timely operation. Alternatively a specialised stump grinder may be used. A stump grinder cuts the stump into fine chippings which can either be removed or used as mulch.
My neighbour’s tree has branches over my property, what can I do about it?
Firstly, we would advise that you speak to your neighbours to discuss the issue and come to an agreement. However ‘common law’ provides a right to remove trespassing branches (and roots). However, it is likely that trees which are pruned in line with this ‘right’ will fall outside of what is considered modern tree pruning best practice (as outlined in BS 3998), and may lead to lasting damage or disfiguration of the tree. Therefore, we always advise consulting with a professional and coming to an agreement with your neighbour.
I think my trees are protected – what does this mean to me?
All trees over 75m in a conservation area and those with a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on them will require permission from the council before most work can be undertaken. At TrunkArb we check that all the trees we work on are not subject to a TPO or in a Conservation Area, if they are, we can apply for permission for the works to be conducted on your behalf.
Can my hedge be reduced to a manageable size?
Almost all hedges can be reduced, although some native hedging may benefit more from being layed rather than just reduced. Conifer hedges can be reduced drastically provided that enough leaf is retained; however some species will leave the trunk exposed as the branches slope down from the trunk.
When is the best time to prune my trees?
Most trees should be pruned during the winter when the trees are dormant. However, there are a number of trees that should be worked on during the summer, the most common are: soft fruit trees such as plums and cherries.
Will bad weather prevent work being undertaken on my trees?
Generally only high winds or torrential rain will prevent tree work being undertaken. Although consideration to damage to lawns and garden may also affect when work will be undertaken.
My tree is very large and near my house/road etc, how do I know it is safe?
Most trees do not present a hazard; however roots can spread out much further than the branches and may be affected by manmade structures. Variation in leaf colour or the presence of fungus as well as dead branches may indicate that the tree needs some attention. If you have any concerns contact a reputable tree surgeon or tree consultant who will be able to offer advice.
How can reduce the amount of shadow that my tree(s) cast over my house/garden?
This largely depends on the species of the tree and its location. Options may range from a reduction of the crown to reduce the size of the tree, removing the lower branches or thinning the canopy. Trees often react to pruning by growing new branches quickly, that can actually result in increasing the shade longterm . Each tree will need to be treated differently and consideration of all factors will allow for the best plan for both you and your trees.

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